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The "Nuremburg" Trials of 1945


The Nuremburg Trials were trials held for those Nazi leaders that took part in war crimes, or crimes against humanity.The Nuremburg Trials were held in Nuremburg, Germany in 1945-46. After the Holocaust, many people that took part in Adolf Hitler's crusades to kill innocent people were put on trial in a court of law. Hitler himself committed suicide and thus managed to escape the disgrace and humiliation. But the people that were on his side were left to face the music. However, many of them followed his example and killed themselves because they didn't want to face the trials. As a result of the Nuremburg trials twelve Nazi leaders were sentenced to death by hanging. Thousands of other Nazis were found guilty of war crimes also and were sent to prison. The Nuremburg trials brought some justice to all the lives lost because of Hitler and his followers.