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The Top 5 Trials of the Century

History is reflected by the decisions made in our courts.  The lifestyles we choose, the protection we have come to expect, the tenets we have learned to live by are all shaped by the civility reflected in our court system.  Sure, some have learned how to abuse the system.  But, the system works.  It's the best court system in the world.  There are trials that shape our history more than others.  Many have been called the trial of the century, few actually live up the the cliche.  Here are a few trials that stand out from the rest.   Some of this list was compiled by legal historian, Doug Linder, a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School.  The rest of the list is my own. 


The "Monkey" Trial of 1925

The "Lindbergh Kidnapping" Trial of 1935

The  "Mississippi Burning" Trial of 1967

The "Nuremburg" Trials of   1945

The "Clinton Impeachment" Trial of 1999